How We Work

Every job we undertake is a custom job, tailored to our client’s need and convenience. We operate with integrity by treating our clients, people, and suppliers in a fair and honest manner – as we want to be treated. The following are typical arrangements, depending on the circumstances of the individual case:

A Defined Project. In this arrangement we agree on what is to be done, end-product(s), schedules, and cost. (We work together to identify your need and we reach an agreement.)

Open-Ended Assignement. In this arrangement you retain our services, on a daily or hourly basis and on you premises or ours, for as long as you perceive the need. You may terminate those services at any time on minimum notice.

Special Projects. You may retain our services on a task-by-task basis or for a single project as you see the need. The price and parameters for all individual projects will be negotiated will be by limited contract.

Prepaid Hourly Rate. In this arrangement you are assured of priority demand for our services by investing in blocks of time which accumulates, if not used each month.

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